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Gentle and soul-full care is what you can expect from Eclipse Esthetics

It is commonly accepted these days that taking care of the 'self' begins with caring for the temple of the body and what better place to start than with a massage or some form of specialized focus on one or more specific areas of the body.  

The number one cause of tension in the body is stress and since we all hold our stress differently, Eclipse offers a head-to-toe choice of services...and all of them involve some level of massage, the key to total and complete relaxation.

Sylvaine's experience, practical knowledge, natural ability to work with energy, spiritual connections and ability to understand and provide for the needs of her clients is well-respected both in White Rock and the Greater Vancouver area. 

Welcome to one of the best of the west when it comes to experiencing the wonders and comfort of soothing personal services such as facials, manicures, pedicures, reflexology, hot stone massages and more.

Eclipse is so named because owner Sylvaine Lelong is completely dedicated to her profession and is constantly looking for the latest in methodologies that go beyond the expected: to 'surpass and outshine' even her own set goals...hence the latest addition of her Signature Thai Stem Massages and Thai Stem Facials to her already considerable menu of services.

Thai Stem has only relatively recently been adopted by Western society and Sylvaine is very proud to be able to offer this ancient art of massage to is unique, very soothing, beneficial to your health and well worth the investment.

A little bit about the Thai Stems - they are composed of natural oils, special herbs and ingredients that are wrapped in (usually cotton) compresses that are either heated or cooled (depending on preference) and then applied to the skin using a gentle stroking motion that also serves as an exfoliant. Once the skin is suitably stimulated, it is ready to receive the benefits held in the nourishing ingredients of the stem itself.

The result is an aromatic and ultra-mellowing treatment that is both soothing for the body and soul and also healing to the skin itself: dry or puffy or problem skin areas will benefit and it is also noted that improvement in sleep patterns, headaches and nasal problems have also been reported.

If you require more convincing before gifting yourself or someone you love with a Thai Stem Massage, consider the following: this massage has been around for thousands of years and is regarded as a standard element in maintaining the health of Thai society as a whole.

Often developed in Thai hospitals, these treatments are indeed 'fit for a king' (or queen) as the ingredients and style of the Monarch massage is especially designed for them: urban and country dwellers enjoy this massage according to where they live and their socio-economic positions. 

That said, the healing qualities of the Thai Stem massage have never been in dispute: it is an important 'medical' massage in Thailand that is recognized as holding considerable affect over such ailments as swelling, soreness and high levels of toxicity among other things: its properties aid in the reduction of inflamed areas; ease and soothe tired or tight muscles and promote an overall 'flush' of negative or toxic elements from the body.

And finally, many who have experienced the Thai Stem massage speak of a feeling of 'euphoria' afterwards, so it is advised that you not schedule anything too demanding or requiring intense concentration after your session.

Reflexology is another tried and true method of not only relaxation, but also of medicinal aid as it is proven to cause almost immediate lowering of EEG waves in the brain - which is simply due to the touch of another in a caring and attentive way.

Hand or foot reflexology is beneficial whether it is part of a regular health regime or whether it is aimed at easing the pain of specific areas of the body - reflexologists work with the specific organs and glands of the body which are connected through the nervous system to matching areas on the hands or the feet...these are the areas which are treated.

By applying a specific technique of massage and pressure to a particular spot (or a series of them) on the feet or the hands, reflexologists can fascillitate an increase in blood flow to any organ in the body, thus allowing a reduction in tension, stress and pain for the organ or gland while also allowing the client an overall feeling of relaxation.

Not only does it effect almost immediate calm in clients and improve blood flow,  it also assists in a variety of other medical conditions that are specific to the individual. Where it might assist one with alleviation of muscle pain, it might also help another with depression or anxiety symptoms.

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In addition to massage and reflexology, Sylvaine also offers a host of other personal and relaxation services...check out her 'Services & Pricing' page for more details.


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